Music for a while (Musique de l'instant présent)

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Trio 2M is made up of three musicians who are members of the 2e2m ensemble.
Sarah Givelet, Claire Merlet and Dorothée Nodé-Langlois share their passion for new music on stage. With Music For a While, they take us on an exploration of time crossed, revisited and juxtaposed, through the music of today and that of the Baroque composer Henry Purcell.

Henry Purcell and his British contemporary Garth Knox are separated by several hundred years. The context of their creation has changed: the instruments are no longer the same, the tuning fork is no longer the same, and the architecture of concert halls has evolved.

Yet we can hear a link. This is what surprises us when we listen to certain melodies or progressions, reminiscent of the sounds and writing of older music. Using instruments from different eras and with different craftsmanship, the three musicians lead us to listen to the moment, where the modernity of each music is revealed.

Duration / 1 h 00


Coproduction 2e2m, Atelier du Plateau. With the support of Spedidam and MMC.
The mission of the Maison de la Musique Contemporaine (MMC) is to showcase and promote contemporary music, provide support for professionals and promote and educate the public.

Cette saison 2e2m bénéficie du soutien de la Fondation Ernst von Siemens.


Henry Purcell

Fantaisie pour violes en Sol mineur

Bruno Gillet

Amarcord pour violon seul

György Kurtág

Jelek, játékok és üzenetek

Henry Purcell

Fantaisie pour violes en Fa Majeur

Garth Knox

Up above our heads for viola only

Sofia Avramidou

What can that be but my apple tree?

Andrew Norman

The companion Guide to Rome (Benedetto, Pietro, Clemente, Lorenzo)

Henry Purcell

Fantaisie pour violes en Ré mineur

Benjamin Britten

Suite pour violoncelle seul (Canto secondo, Serenata)

Garth Knox

Trio Anachronique - World premiere

Commande de 2e2m

Dorothée Nodé-Langlois -violin

Claire Merlet -viola

Sarah Givelet -cello


Friday 5 april 2024 / Paris / 20 h 00

Atelier du plateau

5 Rue du Plateau

75019 Paris


Thursday 30 may 2024 / Paris / 20 h 00

Le regard du cygne

210 rue de Belleville, 75020 Paris

75020 Paris



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