André Jolivet anniversary

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An afternoon musical conference with specialist speakers on Jolivet's work (Arnaud Merlin and Christine Jolivet).
Pieces by Jolivet played by CRD students will punctuate the various speeches. The musical training and musical culture classes will be prepared in advance and involved in discovering this repertoire. At the end of the day, there will be a concert focusing on André Jolivet. The concert will be given by the 2E2M ensemble and teachers from the CRD.

Duration / 2 h 00

Coproduction 2e2m/Ville de Gennevilliers, with the support of Spedidam, Sacem and MMC. The mission of the Maison de la Musique Contemporaine (MMC) is to showcase and promote contemporary music, provide support for professionals and promote and educate the public.

This season 2e2m is supported by the Ernst von Siemens Foundation.


André Jolivet



Sonatine (mouvement 1 and 3)

flute, clarinet

Elisabeth Angot

N38 • World premiere

Commissioned by 2e2m
voice, clarinet, oboe, horn, bassoon

Tomás Bordalejo



Edgar Varèse


Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, double bass

Léo Margue, conductor

Angèle Chemin, soprano

Noëmi Schindler, solo violin

Jérémy Gohier*, solo piano

Jean-Philippe Grometto, solo flute

Véronique Fèvre, solo clarinet

Marine Pérez et Lavinia Engler* flutes

Jean-Marc Liet, oboe

Médéric Debacq, bassoon

Cédric Bonnet, horn

Laurent Bômont, trumpet

Clément Théophile Radix, trombone

Facundo Di Pietro*, double bass

*Avec la participation des élèves et des professeurs du CRD de Gennevilliers



Arnaud Merlin, journalist and producer at Radio France

Bruno Giner, french composer

Lucie Kayas, specialist in French music of the 20th century

Marine Perez, flutist and teacher at the Edgar-Varèse Conservatory in Gennevilliers


Saturday 11 may 2024 / Gennevilliers / 17 h 30

Conservatoire Edgard-Varèse (CRD)

13 rue Louis Calmel

92230 Gennevilliers

subway 13, Gabriel Péri and bus 235, stop Mairie de Gennevilliers

4 P.M. • BOOK PRESENTATION with Bruno Giner and Arnaud Merlin

Musical interlude (works by Varèse, Giner and Bordalejo)

5.30 P.M. • ROUND TABLE and CONCERT with Arnaud Merlin, Lucie Kayas, Marine Perez

Musical interludes: Gabriel Buchmann and Darwin Moreno Porras, violinists


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